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Order process

This is a simple guide to how you would place an order with us and the process until delivery. If you have any questions at all regarding this please contact us.

Step 1 - Choose your vehicle.

We will provide you with a quotation based on the model and specification requested.

Step 2 - Establish a credit line.

If you are happy with negotiations and would like to proceed,  the next stage is to establish a credit line / offer of funding with the selected finance provider.  This will involve you providing us with information enabling the finance provider to check your credit status.  We will forward a proposal form for completion.  Your details will be given to the relevant underwriting department for them to perfom a credit check that will leave a footprint on your credit file.  For personal applications Experian can provide information held at credit reference agencies used to make a decision.  Credit checks for contract hire or lease are no different to any other Hire Purchase agreement.

Step 3 - You place an order with us.

Subject to an offer of funding we will forward an order form for signature.  This will clearly show vehicle details,  payment profile,  rental / payments and estimated delivery dates.  Before we can proceed to the next stage we require a signed copy and in most cases a deposit paid by card or bank transfer, amount agreed prior to placing the order.  The deposit is returned on or around the day of delivery before the initial rental - payment is taken by direct debit

Step 4 - Order is placed with dealer.

Once we have the finance acceptance and a signed order form we will place an order with the supplier on your behalf. Our dealer / supplier network is selected to offer a very high level of service standards and must meet our service level agreements.  All vehicles are brand new with delivery mileage,  on some occasions vehicles are registered prior to delivery to achieve high levels of discount which we use to give a competitive rental for you the customer. 

Step 5 - Sign your documents.

In line with delivery dates,  agreements / contracts will be forwarded for signature.  We will also forward guidance on how to complete these documents.  If you are unsure or not clear about any of the information provided you must contact us for help as incorrect documentation can delay delivery.  As the documentation creates a legally binding financial agreement it is important that signatures are in the correct place and match all proof of identity previously supplied.  It is important clients work with us as we are keen to protect our customers from potential fraud and delays caused by incorrect documention returned.

Step 6 - Delivery.

Once all the documentation is in place the funder will give us authority to release the vehicle so we can arrange a suitable date to deliver.  To keep cost's low enabling our low monthly rentals all vehicles are a driven delivery.  For transported delivery's please contact us for a quote.   Our delivery agents are required to arrive with a vehicle in a condition to meet the customers expectations.  If when the vehicle arrives you have any concerns or unhappy with anything you must contact us immediately before signing an acceptance note.  If you have a collegue or family member taking delivery on your behalf they have the same responsability.  

There will be a professional handover by the delivery driver at the point of delivery to enable you to familiarise you with your new vehicle,  we will also contact you to make sure you are pleased with the vehicle.

Step 7 - End of Agreement

We will be in contact with you a few months before the end of the agreement to discuss options available

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