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BVRLA Code of Conduct and Principles

Established in 1967, The BVRLA (The British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) is the UK trade body for companies involved in vehicle rental and leasing.

BVRLA membership provides customers with the peace of mind that the company they are dealing with complies to the highest standards of professionalism and fairness. The association achieves this by maintaining industry standards and regulatory compliance via its mandatory codes of conduct , an industry recognised inspection programme and reconcilement service.

To support this work, the BVRLA shares information and promotes best practice through its extensive range of training and events. On behalf of its 900+ members, the BVRLA works with governments, public sector agencies, industry associations and key business influencers across a wide range of road transport, environmental, taxation, technology and finance-related issues.

BVRLA members are responsible for a combined fleet of almost five million cars, vans and trucks, supporting around 317,000 jobs and contributing nearly £25bn to the economy each year.

To read the full code of conduct please follow the link

BVRLA Members agree to abide by the following principles

1) To provide clear pricing for all products and services sold via any sales channel, printed or digital, which promotes a member's products.

2) Not to misrepresent any information about their products or services.

3) To behave at all times with integrity and ensure that any agents working on there behalf also follow the standards set out in this Code Of Conduct.

4) To understand and comply with all rules and regulations relating to the service or product provided.

5) To provide customers with the information they need to make an informed decision about the product/service offered.

6) To operate from an established place of business that is maintained to a professional standard.

7) Not to use any advertising material containing misleading or inaccurate statements and to comply with the codes and standards set by the regulators.

8) To resolve customer complaints according to the standards set out in this Code Of Conduct.

9) To ensure that employees, where appropriate, are adequately trained to a standard that enables them to adhere to the Code Of Conduct.

10) To display the BVRLA logo.

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